Micro or Hydro


Microdermabrasion is a form of exfoliating the skin that uses a device to slough off, then suck the surface level dead skin cells away, which in turn leaves your skin looking fresher and rejuvenated.  Hydrodermabrasion is a similar treatment, but adds in the application of serums simultaneously.  Both treatments are suitable for most skins, with minimal to no downtime.  

A 30 minute treatment will include cleansing of the skin and corrective serums.

A 45 minute treatment includes corrective serums and a customised mask.

A 60 minute treatment includes both micro and hydrodermabrasion treatments, corrective serums and a customised mask.

All Hydrodermabrasion treatments have the option of either Hydrate or Refine.


(*Hydrate option focuses on both adding hydration to the skin, whilst Refine focuses on a deeper exfoliation.)

  30 minute Microdermabrasion

  30 minute Hydrodermabrasion

  45 minute Microdermabrasion

  45 minute Hydrodermabrasion

  60 minute Micro/Hydrodermabrasion Combo