IPL facials


IPL is not just for hair removal!  We can get amazing results  using photodynamic therapy to effectively reduce and remove


  • fine lines and wrinkles

  • acne

  • rosacea

  • capillaries

  • ageing concerns 

  • pigmentation  (- age spots, freckles, sun damage & more)

A consultation and patch test is required before this treatment can be done.  You may be prescribed home care products to use both before and after, to prepare your skin prior, and to minimise adverse reactions post treatment.  Full UV protection (sunscreen) is an absolute MUST if you are planning to have a IPL treatment or undertake a program.


Prices effective from July 1st. 2021 and are subject to change

Please note:  Dani is currently the only therapist trained in IPL facials



(fully redeemable off the first treatment if done within 30 days


Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, (Omnilux LED with hand or foot scrub and massage)*, and finishing protocols.  

* when beneficial to treatment


Full face - $180

Full face and neck - $210

Full face, neck, & décolletage - $260

Hands ONLY - $100

Arms & hands - $150

Full face without Omnilux - $100

ADD ON dermaplaning - $50

ADD ON hands to facial - $60

ADD ON hands and arms to facial - $100