Full Skin Consultation


A full skin consult is a great place to start with your skin adventure.  This treatment is like your very own pick-a-path facial.  We discuss the products you have enjoyed using in the past, match them to give you a full facial based on what your skin needs as well as products you will like using at home.  

We will discuss all areas of concern to you, as well as diet, habits, medication, and get a full history, so we are best able to recommend skin products and treatments. 


We recommend you brings in all skin care that you use, so we  can more easily help you choose what products they will like, as well as see the ingredients and recommend changes if needed.  We do not believe in pushing products on guests, but if you do decide to purchase product on the day, you get the consult for half price and 10% off any products.

A full skin consult is $120, and we allow up to 90 minutes.


Patch Test

Skin Chat


A super quick chat about your wants and needs, so we can start the skin adventure process.  Covid had made walk-ins impossible for our small boutique, so booking a 10 minute chat to discuss products or treatments is the simplest way forward!

Skin Chats are free of charge, and we allow up 10 minutes. 



A patch test is strongly recommended before; Lash extensions, Tinting, Bronsun, IPL (included in consult), Lash Lifts, Brow Laminations, and for any service to which you have had a previous allergic reaction at another venue.

Patch tests are free of charge and take 10 minutes.



A consultation and a patch test are required before any IPL/SHR treatment.  We can reduce hair, treat pigmentation, rosacea, capillaries, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenate skin with IPL.  

IPL is not suitable for people who are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive, or those who are on photosensitising drugs.

An IPL/SHR consult is $40*, and we allow up 30 minutes. 


This consult is fully redeemable off your first IPL treatment within 30 days of consultation.


Video Consultation


Much like the in-boutique full skin consult, but this one can be done from the comfort of your own home!  We will chat via zoom, and we can discuss your skin products and all your concerns.  

This is the perfect solution for anyone who isn't ready to come into the boutique for treatments yet, but is interested in starting their skin adventure!  Also great for parents with little people, who can make it hard to come in and have treatments.  


$60 for a 60 minute session*

(receive a $60 voucher to use on products or services within 30 days)


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